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Aero Snow Removal Corp. offers the most extensive and complete set of services to take care of any commercial snow removal need.

In addition to airports, its customers now include container terminals, sports complexes and commercial sites. Its menu of services has expanded over the years to include: push and pile, snow melting, and material spreading such as salt, sand and de-icing agents.

Aero counts among its fleet equipment specially designed equipment manned by operators who are supervised by personnel who are experienced in all aspects of snow removal operations, supported by a team of mechanics.

Snow removal

Aero offers full service snow removal programs consisting of pushing, piling, physical removal of snow, and melting as well as the application of liquid and solid de-icing agents. “Full Service” means that our customers never have to call. We start snow removal operations automatically at pre-determined levels and then complete the service in a timely and efficient manner..

World's Largest Snow Plow at an Airport


In general, melting is not more expensive than trucking; however, it depends on multiple variables such as the distance to the snow dump site, hourly trucking costs, weight of snow, plus the cost of land for the dump site. Below are the melter models in our fleet and the applications to which they are best suited.

World's Largest Snow Plow at an Airport
Dumping Snow into a Snow Melter at an Airport

350 Tons per hour & 600 Tons per hour
These melters are the most efficient and popular melters in our fleet; highly effective for clearing taxiways, runways, hardstands, airline terminals.

Loading Snow Into a Dump Truck at an Airport

150 Tons Mobil & 150 Tons Mini Mobil
Self propelled melters are an excellent choice for parking lots; lower height (8’5″/7’9″) makes them small enough for use in confined spaces such as rooftop garages.

Snow Melter in the Parking Lot of a Shopping Plaza

75 Tons per hour & 25 Tons per hour
If you have a tight budget, these melters are for you. Cost effective means to clear parking lots and rooftop garages.

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